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Alliance Chem-Dry

Alliance Chem-Dry in Temecula, CA specializes in getting your carpets as clean as possible. We use the most advanced equipment, solutions, and technicians in the industry. Our carpet cleaning process in Temecula, CA utilizes millions of carbonated bubbles that penetrate deep into carpet fibers and lift dirt particles away. We have utilized this power of carbonation to clean carpets rather than pouring gallons of water and harsh chemical all over your carpets like steam cleaners in the Temecula, CA area do. This process takes 1-2 to dry and leaves you with a healthier home environment in Temecula, CA.

Benefits of Carbonated Carpet Cleaning:

  • Completely safe and non toxic
  • Dries in as little as 2 hours
  • Utilizes the natural cleaning power of carbonation
  • Uses 80% less water than other cleaners

The Power of Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

Alliance Chem-Dry uses a new, innovative carpet cleaning solution to get your carpets as clean as possible in Temecula, CA. Our carpet cleaning process uses the power of millions of carbonated bubblest to break the dirt and grime free from deep within your carpets. And becasue we dont use any soaps, detergents, or chemicals in our carpet cleaning process, we are able to use less water, letting you use your carpets in as little as 2 hours. Not only is this extremely convenient for you, but it also drastically reduces the chances of mold and mildew growing in your carpets. You can rest assured knowing that your carpets are completely safe for your family, children, and pets.

We clean carpets in Temecula, CA and the surrounding area with the most advanced technology that removes odor and stains. Our professionals are highly trained and certified to ensure that we will leave your home with fresh-clean carpet. The solution is safe for your home, family, pets, and the environment and is approved by the Rug Institute.   

Our unique approach to carpet cleaning provides such a better experience for both you and your carpets. Using our Power of Carbonation technique, we get your carpets cleaner with healthier resources, at only a fraction of the cost. Who can argue with that? With our approach, not only do your carpets take LESS time to dry, but they take MORE time to die. We treat your carpet like our own, meaning we want it to last you for many more years. Don’t cry over spilled milk – try our specialty stain removal! If the stain returns, so do we! We guarantee your happiness over our visit. Trust us for superior carpet cleaning near you!

A Natural Way to Cleaner Carpets

Not only do our services provide you with a DEEPER, MORE EFFECTIVE clean, but it comes to you at a great price to the environment. On top of that, it's safe for you, your kids and even the pets (it's not too bad on the wallet, either). This is all thanks to our main solution, The Natural. It can't be compared to any other cleaning solution. Unlike the other guys (who often use harmful chemicals, soaps or enzymes) The Natural isn't a soap at all! It's a mixture of ingredients, all of which are approved by the FDA (every ingredient used in The Natural is on FDA's Generally Recognized as Safe list). Here are a couple things people often love about this innovative approach to cleaner carpets:

  • Ingredients copied from the best cleaner around, Mother Nature!
  • No sticky residues left after a cleaning
  • No harmful chemicals used at all
  • SAFE for the kids and pets
  • All-natural ingredients


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