Carpet Cleaning

What’s Under Your Carpet?

A household in the U.S. accumulates about 40 pounds of dust each year. Dust is dangerous because it can cause illnesses especially in the young and elderly. Dust can bring many types of species that are able to live in your carpets.

dust bunny bacteria

                                         dust mite

                                                  A few of these species include:

Dust Mites: common cause of allergies and asthma, they feed on human skin.

Dirt and Dust: Dust bunnies can contain chemicals in them that are harmful, such as decomposing insects, food debris, lead, pesticides, and many more.

Mildew and Mold: These are dangerous and can have toxins that can make you severely ill or even lead to death.

Bacteria: bacteria can cause diseases

Fleas (including their larvae and eggs): Fleas can make your pets sick and it can even lead to death.

It is important to clean your carpets and floors regularly, it's recommended to clean them every 12-18 months. All of the dust mites, bateria, etc can easily get into your home, by tracking them in with your shoes, dust blowing them in, or your pets.

Alliance Chem-Dry can make give you a deep clean that will make you feel safe, so you don’t have to worry about these things in your carpets and floors. Alliance Chem-Dry uses less water so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew underneath your carpets and it dries quicker!. Our process pulls up dust, bacteria, and other species and material, leaving you with a much deeper clean. You can feel safe and satisfied with your carpets! Click here or call today to learn more about us!