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Upholstery Cleaning | Murrieta, CA

Alliance Chem-Dry has been offering quality carpet and upholstery cleaning to the Murrieta, CA area for over 13 years. Chem-Dry has franchises in over 4000 locations worldwide and is built on great service and innovative results. You can depend on Alliance Chem-Dry to deliver the finest in upholstery cleaning service & quality.

Meet Alliance Chem-Dry

See how Alliance Chem-Dry in Murrieta, CA is using ground-breaking upholstery cleaning processes to provide green upholstery cleaning that revives your upholstery and leaves it clean and dry. Our upholstery cleaning process utilizes natural CO2 to produce millions of tiny, active bubbles which enter the upholstery fiber, disband dirt and stains quickly, and lift it to the surface for removal. Our main upholstery cleaning solution, The Natural®, is completely Green and Clean.

  • Superior Cleaning Power
  • Approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute
  • Our primary cleaner is completely safe & non-toxic
  • Chem-Dry resists resoiling

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